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aKONZEPT combines interdisciplinary expertise from the fields of architecture, scenography, and interior design with elements from communication, media design, product design, and graphic design to create spaces for brand communication that offer a multisensory experience and leave a lasting impression.

Concept Design

An idea is used as a basis for holistically examining strategic and collective considerations. In the process, the conceptual framework is turned into a foundation for design and communication.

Design and Planning

In this phase, the planning basis is created by building upon the concept. Shapes and figures are given dimensions and functions. 2-D and 3-D visualization techniques as well as scale modeling, 3-D printing, and prototyping are used as tools for design and planning.

Coordination and Implementation

The implementation phase is where every project comes to fruition. This phase is all about the connection between objects and space. It is also where the idea is finalized and becomes reality. The priority here is to supervise construction work and stay on schedule.

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